Welcome at “Le vieux biclou”!

Le Vieux biclou is a « participatory and solidarity workshop for bike self-repair » in Montpellier (France)

It’s a non governmental organization. NGO means membership fee: it is the only way to use our services. The membership cost is €25 or €20 for the year or €15 for 6 months. No supporting documents are required for the registration. Once a member, you have access to the workshop and the different activities offered by the organization

  • Self-repair workshops: all tools necessary at your disposal as well as new or used spare parts (prices shown on site). The idea : maintaining and repairing your bike yourself, while benefiting from the advice of other members present on site
    • Beaux-Arts workshop, 5 rue de la Poésie :
      • Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 2PM to 5PM
      • Tuesday & Thursday from 5:30PM to 8P
    • Campus workshop, Univ. Montpellier II – Bat. 1, central corridor
      • Monday & Thursday 5PM-7PM
      • Tuesday & Wednesday 12-2PM
  • Used bikes, restored bikes or bikes as they stand
  • Introductory Course in Mechanics (SIM): 3 hours of introduction, on your own bike, under the guidance of our professional mechanic, €15. 3 times per month, first Saturday, second and fourth Wednesday, from 9:30AM to 12:30
  • Bike-School: learn (again) how to ride a bicycle, or acquire specific aptitudes regarding riding a bike in the city, €10 for a two-hours session. By appointment.
  • Anti-theft engraving « Bicycode »: a registration number engraved in the frame of your bike, and its corresponding passport, to prevent theft, complicate the concealment, facilitate restitution. During dedicated days, €5 for members.

More information on our website: http://www.vieuxbiclou.org/

The workshop is open thanks to volunteer members, for members. There’s no need to be a repairman: committing to holding a session from time to time allows all of us to enjoy the workshop. We naturally support you for this role.

Thank you for your interest in our organization